Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Sabbaticals & Studying

I've already mentioned to a few people and putting it out there in public will help support my in my choice.

In 2019 I'm having a sabbatical.  From 'racing'.  Not from training, just 'racing'.

A number of things have changed in the last year, and things are set to change further.  Now is as good a time as any to shake a few things up, and to try exploring some avenues that are opening up as a result of having to make some fundamental changes in the way life works right now.

The internet is full of 'inspiring' quotes about change and I could fill this blog full of romantic notions of finding the 'real me' and blah blah.  It's not really about that.  More a time to take a chance, to learn something new, whilst also focusing on overcoming some of the training/body/emotional challenges that I've had over the last year.

On top of the already written about challenges, compounding in some of the recent WHW race 'issues', my 'day job' is changing location, and I'll need to commute to Glasgow city center several times a week, compared to my current 10 minute easy drive each way.  

An exciting change for the business, and a clear marker in the long term future.  But a total pain in the b*lls (if I had any) for fitting the life balance around it!  And that life is important.  To me, and my mental and physical well-being.  I've found the process of consultation, decision making and change very tiring and stressful, and it's made me question a lot of things about what I'm doing and where I want to be, and whether I'm taking steps to achieve any of those things.  The re-location is making a lot of people much happier, much better off, and giving them all that time that I am going to lose.  I can see how excited they are, and that compounds some of how challenging it could be.  I'm also losing a couple of really good people from my team - those who know exactly what they are doing, are great sounding boards and generally damn good people.  Yes, I've recruited new people, who will be great...that will take time.... and fresh blood can bring new ideas.

You can't keep overloading without something having to give.  And as a guest on a podcast I was listening to this week said..."I just had to sit down"....

Just so happens some of my sitting down might be like the above image.  I've signed up to do a 12 month (part time) yoga teacher training course at Merchant City Yoga in Glasgow.  You can change many things in life, changing yourself is one of them.  I'll be starting a separate blog about my maybe yogi journey and I won't be giving up the running completely - running to train, for physical and mental well-being, to decompress and to continue to enjoy the hills!

Next up I have what's becoming an annual August trip to Chamonix - this year running the new 'wee' race, the MCC and I'm looking forward to 40km and 2,300m of happy trails, before a week of watching the big boys and girls do the 'main events'.  I've also got the Ring of Steall in September to challenge my mountain trail skills.

So much to only get one shot!

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